From the director of international hit Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... and Spring comes the much more sensibly titled 3-Iron. Described by The Lumiere Reader as an 'existential romance', nearly dialogue-less film follows burglar Tae-suk (Jae Hee) who breaks into houses - not to steal but merely stay the night, take a bath, do some laundry.... More

The gig is up though when he breaks into an apartment and finds a cowering woman (Lee Seung-Yeon), who's been beaten up by her husband. Without exchanging a word they fall ecstatically in love. When the husband returns, Tae-suk exacts vengeance with the golf-club of the title. The pair flees, chased by angry hubby & cops.Hide

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A film that is silent yet highly entertaining. It is funny and sad and shows a great love for its charakters. It is simply a very od movie which leaves you with a very special feeling. The world outside the cinema somehow seems different then before. You reflect about the movie without any film critics mindset in action. It's just the mood of the film, the simple pictures, the strange ending...

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  • BBC

    A TENDER AND UNUSUAL LOVE STORY... Tae-Suk (Jae Hee) is a drifter who breaks into empty houses, not to loot them but just to spend the night and do a bit of laundry. The game is up when he creeps into the house where Sun-Hwa (Lee Seung-Yeon) cowers in fear of her violent husband... Full Review

  • An engaging work by a very original film-maker... Kim Ki-duk is a director who has been able to combine, in a unique way, a facility for violence with a knack for reticent, even pastoral gentleness: a kind of Punk Buddhism... Full Review

  • Enchanting and ambiguous without being inscrutable or abstruse. For fans of Asian cinema it is a definite treat... Full Review

  • So beautiful to look at that whether the film makes sense or not becomes irrelevant. The sooner you let yourself with Kim's flow, the more likely you are to come away satisfied... Full Review

  • The director also appears realistically attuned to just how far he can push the possibilities of his speechless film; although requiring patience, 3-Iron is ultimately rewarding... Full Review

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