A Mother Brings Her Son to Be Shot

A Mother Brings Her Son to Be Shot


Documentary about a shocking story in Northern Ireland revolving around a dedicated mother, her two sons, and a shooting.... More

"Although the Troubles officially ended 20 years ago, the Derry community continues to be divided. The government and police hold little sway. When violent Republican powerbrokers accuse Phil of dealing drugs, his mother Majella has no choice but to take her teenage son to be shot in both legs. Sinéad O’Shea’s film, executive produced by Joshua Oppenheimer (The Act of Killing), explains how and why it happened." (Sydney Film Festival)Hide

  • Directed by Sinéad O'Shea (feature debut)

    Written by Sinéad O'Shea

    • Documentary, Festival & Independent
    • 83mins
    • Rating: M Violence, offensive language, drug references & suicide references
    • Ireland, UK

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BY Ian_Anderson superstar

Why did a mother take her 19-year-old son in a taxi to be shot in the back of the knees by dissident Republican gunmen in Derry, Northern Ireland in 2012? And how did it change her relationship with her sons?

Irish reporter Sinéad O’Shea wanted to find out and followed and filmed the O'Donnell family over the next 5 years.

The film starts with a great scene where 11-year-old Kevin Barry is show off his arsenal of weapons. If you thought that everything was fine in Northern Ireland since... More the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, this film should dispel that notion and go a long way towards explaining why the number of suicides in Northern Ireland in the last 20 years exceeds the number of violent deaths during The Troubles.Hide