American Gangster

Review: American Gangster

13 Jan 08


saw this last night. It's OK, pretty good, but not great. can see why some people might like it. but i think it had too many ideas. am i meant to be watching a story about a drug lord, or about how a cop who sets up the first federal run narcotics team in New York, or about how one third of new york cops in the 60's were corrupt?? all great ideas, but becuase the film covers all three lightly instead of one deeply and then tries to bolster bums on seats with some random scenes of boring action, you are left feeling a little underwelmed.

Also, Crowe looks out of practice (a little like his cousin Jeff towards the end of is tenor with NZ Cricket) and is Denzel the most one dimensional actor of the generation? must we see him play the exact same emotionless, hard talking character in every movie he stars in?