Anne Perry: Interiors

Anne Perry: Interiors

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Crime and punishment have long been the domain of Anne Perry, the prolific British author of historical detective fiction: when she was 15, she and her best friend “did something stupid”: they murdered the friend’s mother. Her name then was Juliet Hulme and this notorious incident was the basis for Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures. More

Long ensconced in a small Scottish village and already fiercely private, she built the walls higher after the success of the film. Filmmaker Dana Linkiewicz has snuggled very closely into the comfort zone that Perry has created for herself. Tellingly attentive to her subject’s insistence on routine and decorum, she has emerged with an absolutely fascinating portrait of the artist and the devoted circle of three that supports her. The question of how the hunger for exoneration shapes her life and fuels her work hovers suggestively in every elegant frame. (Source: World Cinema Showcase 2010)

200970 minsGermany

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