Architect of Brutal Poetry

Architect of Brutal Poetry

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Having produced around 400 projects over a 50-year career, the famous Brazilian architect Han Broos has influenced several generations of architects and urban planners, and he was one of the prominent practitioners of the Escola Paulista. His 60s and 70s architecture is usually associated with heavy brutalism embracing avant-garde qualities and rough materiality to create undeniably exceptional spaces. Broos is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Little by little, memories of his life, work and relationships are washed away. With his work marked by deep relationships with geography and history, this documentary—filmed at his studio house Casa Broos in São Paulo—revisits those spaces and people through the architect's memories.

2022Rating: E70 minsBrazil, Czech Republic, SlovakiaEDIT Studio


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Architect of Brutal Poetry is now playing in 1 cinema in New Zealand.