The heat is on. But it's a dry heat.

Danny McBride takes his real estate agent (Rosemarie DeWitt, Rachel Getting Married) hostage during the 2009 housing crisis in this dark comedy action-thriller. The situation goes from bad to worse when the realtor's daughter becomes involved.

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  • Due to some shockingly violent developments at the beginning, the stakes feel real the entire way through, to the point that you'd believe anything could happen next. Full Review

  • "Arizona" takes a whack at a couple bigger ideas, like a drunk teen playing mailbox baseball. Full Review

  • Severely wasting the talents of Rosemary DeWitt, who really, really deserves better material, Arizona is as arid and barren as the state that provides its title. Full Review

  • Danny McBride is at his funniest and scariest in "Arizona," a darkly comic film noir that works well as both a violent thriller and as a ruthless satire of over-extended American dreamers. Full Review