Bird People

Bird People


An eccentric, fantastical romance from France, nominated for Un Certain Regard Award at Cannes 2014. In an airport hotel on the outskirts of Paris, an American Silicon Valley engineer abruptly chucks his job, breaks things off with his wife, and holes up in his room. Soon, fate draws him and a young French maid together.

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58% of critics recommend.
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  • Viewed from a certain angle, "Bird People" is a very sad movie. But it's also a lark. Full Review

  • This is a wisp of a movie, and yet it deals with an experience so pervasive that it's usually barely acknowledged-this restlessness people feel to fly off to somewhere else. Full Review

  • It's deliciously risky, though Ferran falls far short of Icarus' folly, soaring low and returning to earth having risked too little. Full Review

  • Two lost souls flock together, sort of, in an ambitious French film that takes flight in some highly unusual ways. Full Review

  • An airport hotel may not seem the most inspiring of locations for a story of life-changing consequence, but French filmmaker Pascale Ferran's delicate, compassionate "Bird People" is just that sort of risk-taking existential adventure. Full Review