Boy Erased

Boy Erased


The truth cannot be converted.

Oscar nominee Lucas Hedges (Manchester by the Sea, Lady Bird) leads this true story drama as a 19-year-old who comes out to his parents (Nicole Kidman & Russell Crowe). He is faced with an ultimatum: attend a conversion therapy program – or be permanently exiled and shunned by his family, friends, and faith. Written and directed by actor Joel Edgerton (The Gift), co-starring actor and filmmaker Xavier Dolan (Mommy).

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BY PercyM superstar

It's well-performed, emotionally powerful and heartbreaking.

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  • [A] heart-rending drama. Full Review

  • While Edgerton's fractured approach has a frustrating way of compartmentalising his characters... "Boy Erased" regards everyone with such raw empathy that even its most difficult moments are fraught with the possibility of forgiveness. Full Review

  • Boy Erased is still a respectable effort, serious and sober, about a very real, very bad practice. The film's heart is firmly in the right place. Full Review

  • Edgerton shows an admirable sense of restraint, even when hitting all the usual beats. Full Review

  • As a PSA it surely has a necessity and it's undoubtedly well-intentioned but as film with its heart in the right place, I just wish its heart was beating a bit louder. Full Review

  • "Boy Erased" tries to be more than a simple culture-war morality play, and it succeeds in some measure... Full Review

  • Proving again that he's one of the best actors of his generation, Lucas Hedges shines alongside Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe in this harrowing real-life tale of a gay teen whose parents send him to conversion therapy Full Review

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