Breaking And Entering

Review: Breaking And Entering

18 Apr 07

B&E needs B&D

This film does not work. How disappointing for Minguella to come up with a dud when it is his own writing that he is directing, after the glory of the English Patient etc.

An attempt at complex multicultural perspectives and zeitgeist, comes across as too simple in the way the story unfolds, with a straight forward plot and little suspense. It has an oddly paced anti-climax that leaves you feeling unmoved and unconvinced in the end.

The film is far too nice and polite all around - everybody seems wholesome and looks healthy. Mr Law could do with some B&D, to explore some of that 'dark side' that he 'knows' is in there. He makes a great mannequin but doesn't manage to transcend his celebrity prettiness while Robin Wright Penn is also cold and difficult to engage with. They are both shown up by the infinitely subtle, complex and warm performance by Binoche. She saves the film in the end, along with the sophisticated cinematography, meandering around London, that is elegantly pale and cleverly layered.