Bride Flight

Bride Flight


Based on a true story, this is the most expensive Dutch movie ever made. Bride Flight is the story of the Last Great Air Race in 1953, from London to Christchurch, which carried 26 young Dutch brides-to-be on their way to join their fiances already settled in New Zealand.... More

The film centres on the women: Ada, Marjorie and Esther, who reunite 50 years after the historic flight. Bride Flight is based on bestselling book Bruidsvlucht by Marieke van der Pol, who also wrote the screenplay for the film.Hide

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BY Nary0ne nobody

The period staging was well done and evoked tha era authentically. My family immigrated to Canada on the flip of a coin instead of Austrailia. Poignant!

I think it's the best movie from all I watched for at least 5 last years. And believe me, I watch new movies almost every week and understand something in this. I was crying and loughing and I didn't want the movie to end. Really touching story.

This could have been a good movie but for the awful direction, often poor acting and unclear timelines. It hopped backwards and forwards without clarifying the change in time, and although (allegedly) based on fact, the story was frankly implausible. Promotion of NZ as a destination clumsily handled. Overall confusing!

Just watched this on DVD - thoroughly enjoyed for warmth of story telling, migrant experience of the 50's -sans cliche'- as remembered from stories retold from my parents' experience of Australia. How did it get missed in cinemas ?? Loved the language shift betw english and dutch- +costumes and scenery.

Sorry but its one of the worse films for acting ever!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Does an admirable turn for Tourism New Zealand, which has not been slow to embrace the favour on its website. Perhaps we should just be fortunate that the New Zealand Film Commission wasn't involved - and that Baz Lurhman wasn't offered the script. Full Review

  • A devil-may-care adventurer and three vastly different gals emigrate from the Low Countries to New Zealand in the romantic epic "Bride Flight," a glossy European meller that switches between the '50s, the '60s and the present. One of the most expensive Dutch-language productions ever, and made by the same team behind Oscar-nommed "Twin Sisters" (another time-and-country-hopping tale about rocky female bonding), "Flight" also features a strong male protag in beefcake du jour Waldemar Torenstra. Full Review

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