Brighton Rock

Review: Brighton Rock

By Kat2
27 May 11

I beg to differ with the reviewer...

Only a few points...
Riley is cast extremely well as he conjurs up the adolescent angst that this psychopathic character is meant to effuse in accordance with the novel. Greene describes Pinky as looking young and that is the whole point. He is a YOUNG pscyhopath which is meant to make it all the more disturbing.
Also the Catholic edge is quite believable given the wider societal context. Religion was still a strong influence in society pretty much up until the 70s when it was being questioned. It still held a stronghold on societal norms and values - so even being the 1960s it is still plausible.
The film was a bit like a GOOD Sunday drama you will no doubt see on TV1 in about a year. But good nonetheless.
Nice wee twist at the end re what Rose does.
Definitely 3 stars.