Buddha in Africa

Buddha in Africa

Buddha in Africa

A Malawian boy raised in a Chinese Buddhist orphanage is torn between his African culture and Confucian values in Nicole Shafer's documentary - her feature debut.

"Enock was just six years old when he was taken to a Confucian Buddhist orphanage and given the Chinese name Alu. Home to around 300 orphans, it's a rigorous environment with stringent Buddhist and Mandarin study, and Shaolin Kung Fu training. Enock/Alu becomes extremely proficient in acrobatics – a star performer for the orphanage's world-touring cultural activities. But now, almost 16, he has to make a choice: to reconnect with his African culture and language; or sign up for five years study in Taiwan. Schafer's impressive documentary raises questions about cultural indoctrination and the price of charity." (Sydney Film Festival)

201990 minsSweden, South AfricaMandarin and English with English subtitles
DocumentaryWorld CinemaFestival & Independent
Nicole Schafer (feature debut)
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