Buddha in Africa

Buddha in Africa


A Malawian boy raised in a Chinese Buddhist orphanage is torn between his African culture and Confucian values in Nicole Shafer's documentary - her feature debut.... More

"Enock was just six years old when he was taken to a Confucian Buddhist orphanage and given the Chinese name Alu. Home to around 300 orphans, it's a rigorous environment with stringent Buddhist and Mandarin study, and Shaolin Kung Fu training. Enock/Alu becomes extremely proficient in acrobatics – a star performer for the orphanage's world-touring cultural activities. But now, almost 16, he has to make a choice: to reconnect with his African culture and language; or sign up for five years study in Taiwan. Schafer's impressive documentary raises questions about cultural indoctrination and the price of charity." (Sydney Film Festival)Hide

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