Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell

Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell

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In an award-winning performance, Gina Lollobrigida leads this classic rom-com as Carla Campbell, who receives maintenance payment from three former soldiers who all believe themselves to be the father of her daughter, Gia. More

During World War II, Italian villager Carla befriends three American soldiers. Later, when unsure which of them fathered her daughter, she accepts support checks from all three soldiers. Twenty years later, a reunion unexpectedly brings the three veterans—and their wives and children—back to Italy and Mrs. Campbell panics as she endeavors to keep her lively past from her daughter.

1968Rating: PG108 minsUSAConnaught Productions


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Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell is now playing in 3 cinemas in New Zealand.