California Dreamin' (Endless)

California Dreamin' (Endless)

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A village comedy with satirical bite and a pensive undertow, California Dreamin' (Endless) personalises American intervention in the Balkans. The exceptional new generation of Romanian filmmakers suffered a terrible blow when its 27-year-old Wunderkind Cristian Nemescu died in a car crash before he'd completed editing this, his first feature.

In 1999, a convoy of U.S. soldiers, en route to Kosovo, is detained in a Romanian village by a despotic stationmaster (they're missing the necessary paperwork); with most of the locals, from the mayor to the high school's female population, intent on 'seducing' the Americans, culture-clash tragicomedy ensues. [NZFF08] More

2007Rating: R16, violence, offensive language, sex scenes155 minsRomaniaRomanian and English, with English subtitles

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Award Winner
Un Certain Regard Prize, Cannes Film Festival 2007

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