Review: Desert

07 May 11

good effort - a different view of NZ

A cool wee flick that shows an alternate reality of Auckland - that's it's not all a White kiwi pavlova paradise - there are other peoples here, operating on their own culture, values and language - and when the differing cultures collide - it's easy to fall through the cracks.

I was at the premiere, and found out after at the Q and A that the film's leads are non-actors, and that the film had no script - it had a 10 page skeleton treatment - I found this astounding, as the two korean leads, are totally believable, and it was the NZ cast that felt a little flat in comparison.

For a movie on a micro budget (it was the first film shot on a stills camera in the southern hemisphere I heard) it looks, feels and sounds like a FILM - some great photography, awesome long shots, great sound design, and a total lack of a 'sound track' - YAY!!

It's a NZ film that isnt trying to wave a cringy 'kiwi/cultural' flag.

My favourite line - 'Im trying to find someone - but hes a Kiwi.' the answer back - 'Kiwis are people too'.


Different - but good different.