Dolce Fine Giornata

Dolce Fine Giornata


An accomplished poet unleashes unexpected consequences when she makes a controversial speech after a terrorist attack in this award-winning Polish drama.... More

"Maria Linde (Krystyna Janda) is a free-spirited Polish poet living in Tuscany with her family in a comfortable villa. Feted by the small village in which she lives, Maria is spirited and independent, living a charmed life. She's also having an affair with a handsome, younger Egyptian immigrant who runs a restaurant in the village. When Maria is granted a local award, and it is presented the day after a terrorist attack in Rome, she refuses to give in to the anti-immigrant hysteria, and makes a statement in her speech that causes national controversy and incurs the wrath of her fellow villagers." (Sydney Film Festival)Hide

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  • Dolce Fine Giornata comes to feel like a soapbox from which Borcuch is proclaiming some vague treatise about the limits of art and empathy. Full Review

  • Borcuch's film asks the right questions about the dangerously escalating xenophobia and leaves a lasting impression with its final metaphoric shot. Full Review

  • Borcuch traces the connections between the personal and the political, transforming a family drama into a consideration of European identity. Full Review

  • A Nobel-winning poet recklessly inserts herself into immigration and terrorism debates in Jacek Borcuch's satisfyingly complex drama. Full Review