Don't Be Bad

Don't Be Bad

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Italy's 2015 Oscar submission for the Foreign Language category stars Luca Marinelli and Alessandro Borghi as two friends trying to make their way up the ladder in Rome's criminal underworld.

2015Rating: R16, Violence, offensive language, drug use & sexual material100 minsItalyItalian with English subtitles
CrimeDramaWorld Cinema

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Award Winner
Winner of the AssoMusica Award (Riccardo Sinigallia), the FEDIC Award (Caligari), the Gillo Pontecorvo-Arcobaleno Latino Award (Caligari), the NuovoImaie Talent Award for Best Italian Actor in a Debut Film (Borghi), the Pasinetti Award for Best Film (Caligari) and Best Actor (Marinelli), the Schermi di Qualità Award (Caligari) and the Sorriso Diverso Venezia Award for Best Italian Film (Caligari), 2015 Venice Film Festival

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