Every Jack Has A Jill

Every Jack Has A Jill


Romantic comedy about 26-year-old Chloé (Mélanie Laurent) who lives alone in Paris between a nosy neighbour, a petty-minded colleague and the preachy employee of a DVD rental store. It is a life that doesn't meet her expectations.... More

30-year-old Jack (Justin Bartha), an American who's been dumped by his girlfriend, wins a trip to Paris. By happy coincidence, Chloé gets her hands on Jack’s suitcase, the one his father left him and to which he is deeply attached. Chloé falls in love with the suitcase's contents. Chloé loves Jack, even though she's never seen him, even though she knows nothing about him. She convinces herself that he’s the man of her dreams, that they’re made for each other, and she does everything she can to find him.Hide

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This quirky Franco-American film follows Melanie Laurent falling in love with Justin Bartha (The Hangover) via the belongings in his suitcase. It should be the other way around. Laurent, the rising French star of Inglourious Basterds, is luminous and endearing in her portrayal of Chloe, whose magnetic beauty does little to relieve her unrealistic expectations for life. Laurent's performance reveals a character who is intuitive, sensitive and hugely lacking in common sense, a bit like the film, which is equal parts sweet and silly.... More

Bartha, on the other hand, as the American tourist who loses his clothes and favourite novel in Paris, is the depressing embodiment of brash American tourist (when he first arrives in France he is rude and disinterested, to the point where it's hard to tell if the film takes a knowing point of view or not).

The romantic fantasy begins well enough, setting up the tension for the pair's inevitable meeting. But after doing the deed, the story, much like the relationship, runs out of steam. Chloe is let down by what unfolds and she's not alone. The motor well and truly splutters when the action resumes in the US in a clumsy reach for a happy ending. It's as though Laurent turned into Kirsten Dunst on the plane. Cultural friction within the production team? Who knows. But at times this feels like an American rom-com dressed in Chanel.Hide

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I must admit I walked away from it at first because the sub-titles were driving me crazy - but then I came back another day and persevered with it and ended up enjoying it a lot!

Quirky and original kind of chic flick.

I really liked this movie. It has original plot, sweet and funny moments and light soundtrack! And of course good actors. This is not that kind of movie who will change your view to life, but it is that kind of movie who will make your day sweet. Perfect for romantics ;)

Not really my kind of movie but my GF really liked it
Not bad for a chick movie

BY Sappy grader

I got to see this film on Monday and it is the perfect chick flick. It has a great cast and an origional story. I love Melanie Laurent!

Saw this film last night, very sweet would recommend it :)

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