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Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance 2020, this German drama follows a foreign chemical engineer who goes into an identity crisis when he's bullied at his workplace. More

"After a frustrating day of work, Xhafer (Mišel Matičević) returns home to find that someone has hung a dead rat at his front gate. The question of who did it and why slowly eats at him, forever altering his relationships at work and at home. Because Xhafer is a Kosovar living in Germany, what could be seen as office politics now seems to have another, unspoken reason behind it. When Xhafer’s German wife (Sandra Hüller) suggests the incident might not have been because his coworkers are discriminating against him but because they just don’t like him, Xhafer is offended—but cannot clearly say she’s wrong. After a shocking event, Xhafer is forced to confront his identity and the kind of person he truly is." (Sundance)

2020Rating: M, Violence, offensive language, nudity, sex scenes & suicide121 minsGermany, Belgium, KosovoGerman and Albanian with English subtitles
DramaWorld CinemaFestival & Independent

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A quietly nightmarish character study about the daily paranoia of being intentionally left out—something that everyone experiences, but very few people dare make movies about.

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