Bukowski's embarrassingly honest, beatnik, solipsist, alcohol fuelled novel Factotum (n., an employee or assistant who serves in a wide range of capacities). Unpublished but undeterred, Chinaski (Matt Dillon) poetically and prolifically lurches through a succession of dead-end jobs to meet his minimal requirements: getting drunk, getting ladies and gambling at the track. Directed by the entertainingly named Norwegian Bent Hamer (Kitchen Stories).

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  • BBC

    He's a loser, but the film's a well-oiled winner: richly textured, bittersweet and likely to leave you tipsy with laughter. Full Review

  • Hamer's take on Bukowski has a hip, latter day 'Beat' sensibility. You want to run out and read the books. Full Review

  • Shows how this solipsism is a key both to his talent and to his loneliness. Matt Dillon gives a very interesting, studied performance. Full Review

  • Deadpan timing and ace perfs bring out the morose humor and surprising warmth in the often miserabilist scribe's voice. Full Review

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