Fish & Cat

Fish & Cat

(Mahi va gorbeh)

Experimental one-shot drama (as in, the entire film is just one continuous take) from Iran, weaving a time-warp narrative around a group of characters who congregated at a lakeside camp. Inspired by a news item about a provincial restaurant that served human flesh. Variety says: "Filmed in one long, bravura shot by photographer Mahmud Kalari (A Separation), director/writer Shahram Mokri's highly original second feature combines formal experimentation with a sly sense of humor and a surprising feeling for American genre conventions."

  • Horizons Award (Special Prize), Venice Film Festival 2013

  • Directed by Shahram Mokri ('Ashkan, the Charmed Ring and Other Stories')

    Written by Shahram Mokri

    • Drama, Horror, Thriller, World Cinema
    • 134mins
    • Rating: M
    • Persian with English subtitles
    • Iran

Flicks Review

This Iranian mesmeriser not only requires your patience, it deserves it as well. All done in one unbroken 134-minute shot, Fish & Cat gathers numerous subplots that happen at the same time, placed in one location and tied to a horrifying situation (based on a real-life case). Though the slow pace can dip into tedium when cemented on a character simply walking for ages, it’s essential to the astonishing narrative trick that does not treat time as a flat circle – rather, it’s a pile of conjoined ampersands. A mind-expanding experience.

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  • The emphasis of masterful technique and mise-en-scene sadly trumps the need for a coherent mood and narrative in a off-kilter take of a slasher premise. Full Review

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