'Flyboys', the first World War I aviation film in over 40 years, is inspired by the story of American men who would become known as the legendary Lafayette Escadrille. They were ordinary boys who volunteered for the First World War looking for adventure, and in the process became war heroes. Claims to "accurately portray the thrill and danger of aerial dogfights that played such an integral role in the Allied resistance". Starring the very talented James Franco & NZer Martin Henderson.

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James Franco was fantastic! He has so much of the James Dean characteristics that he fits this kind of role to a tee. He acted brilliantly as usual and his leading man capabilities are endless. James Franco was a perfect match for this role. Martin Henderson actually wasn’t horrible to watch, his acting has certainly improved from his days on Shortland Street, but as much as he tries to be a serious actor, he just comes off wrong and also his character’s pet lion was random, probably true... More to life but completely out of place. The flight sequences were fantastic. They were very heavily reliant on CG but the choreography of the sequences was flawless.
This film is based on a true story, so I can’t critique the storyline too much but there were flaws in the writing, and flaws in the elaboration of the story itself.
Overall this was a great film to watch.Hide

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  • A decidedly old-fashioned war film that reaches for epic sweep but is often bogged down in cliched drama and two-dimensional characters Full Review

  • 1/2 Part of what makes these kind of war movies such cinematic comfort food (aside from the moral certainty they strive to convey) is their familiarity. But I wonder if said familiarity is what compels contemporary filmmakers to overstuff the material -- Flyboys is a good two hours and 20 minutes... Full Review

  • Not so much a historical lesson as a warning to the makers of the proposed Charles Upham movie of how not to make a war movie. As for those wanting to commemorate Anzac Day, they would be better off renting Peter Weir's excellent Gallipoli... Full Review

  • Flyboys doesn't succeed as a wartime adventure story or as a period romance. Even the special effects, set in a historical context, are too ho-hum to save this over-long and tedious film... Full Review

  • Lovingly and knowledgeably made by director Tony Bill, who got his pilot's license as a teenager, pic nonetheless has a lightweight, airbrushed feel; despite the brutal dogfights and inevitable deaths, there's little gravity or resonance... Full Review