Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale

Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale


Murray Ball’s iconic, 1987 animated film about the trials and tribulations of small town rural life in New Zealand through the eyes of farmer Wal (appropriately voiced by Fred Dagg) and his trusty pet, known simply as Dog.... More

In turn, the film provided the purest expression of kiwiana mythology ever produced, with everything from trying to catch the eye of All Black selectors to taking your Sheila on a date at the local pie cart. Topping it all off is the most famous soundtrack in the history of the New Zealand film industry, with Dave Dobbyn and The Herbs supplying the tunes. It’s ‘80s nostalgia, New Zealand style.Hide

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BY munchkin superstar

This is certainly a must have in any Kiwi movie collection a true blue kiwi classic that there was even a adventure park named Foot Root flats remember that as a child and as a farm girl it was good to see a lot of how rural nz was and in some cases still is

BY redleisa nobody

An old fav of mine, I loved reading the books, esp when growing up in rural Hawkes Bay on a sheep farm. Dodgee animation, voice overs and random Herbs songs, give it a cult status in New Zealand. Appeals to all age groups, its a classic New Zealand flim with lots of heart.

A true kiwi classic with true kiwi comedy. You really do have to see this if you already haven't.

BY bigspendakev superstar

If you like dogs beer rugby and women then you should see this moviefollows on from the Footrot Flats books and is a true kiwi gem Dave Dobbyns Slice Of heaven and other kiwi songs feature through the movie I first saw this when I was twelve havent seen it since then and it and i can still remember Horse the feriocious cat Wall Dog and Jess and Rangi just a good down to earth Kiwi movie that highlighted the 80s era of rural nz and what it means to be a Kiwi

BY Helen7 nobody

This movie has never dated, with the dogs irrepressible spirit, to Wal's art of romance and recycling sox's, to the classic provincal rugby match, all matched by Herbs and Dave Dobbins sound track, every kiwi kid should be taken to see as a right of passage.

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