Four Lions

Four Lions


"Boundary-pushing British comedian Chris Morris (The IT Crowd, The Day Today) has mounted many memorable media hoaxes in his quest to expose and explode public gullibility. Here he sets out to shatter the fear-mongering mythology of the lethally focused jihadist: he’s made a taboo-busting comedy about four terrorists who are complete dorks. Cuttingly articulate, Four Lions hones its insults with dazzling velocity and nerve." (New Zealand International Film Festival 2010)

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BY EmoAngel wannabe

"overall it felt lacking and as if someone else with greater comic chops could have done much better". What does that even mean??? - This is a fun, light hearted look at a serious subject, silly folk doing silly things that will make you laugh.. if you're not into silliness then go see something else. I laughed! A Lot...

BY JamesW lister

Although I saw this at the Bridgeway on their tiny digital projector in the front row, it still served up some decent laughs, some jaw dropping "Can they say that?" moments and some brilliant black humor. Worth a watch even if only on DVD.

BY freshdude superstar

Who would have thought death scenes could be so funny !

BY freshdude superstar

Absolutely brilliant and ballsy ... if you enjoy Ben stiller's or Will Ferrel's comedies, the likelyhood is you'll hate FOUR LIONS... just a little too clever for you and quite a few reviewers !

The British trying to access the low intelligence/high obesity American market.

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  • The film has mined a treasure trove of stupidity in the Jihad as waged by men who are committee. Or rather, who should be committed, on the grounds of inanity Full Review