Free Theatre

Free Theatre

Free Theatre

Documentary from filmmaker Shirley Horrocks on the storied 37-year history of Christchurch’s often provocative, always daring Free Theatre.

"Shirley Horrocks's film draws on Free Theatre’s extensive archive of their own work. Free Theatre has often courted controversy and the film is studded with remembered provocations: audiences at a production of 1984 were separated from their friends and even forcibly evicted by costumed security guards... 37 years on Free Theatre has proven as definitive and resilient a Christchurch institution as the one it set out to oppose – and richly deserving of this salute from New Zealand’s most dedicated and attentive documentarian of art and artists." (New Zealand International Film Festival)

2017Rating: Exempt76 minsNew Zealand
Shirley Horrocks ('Marti: The Passionate Eye', 'The New Oceania', 'Venus: A Quest')
Shirley Horrocks
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