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"He’s fast, powerful, undefeated and hates ugly people. His motto is, "If you fight, you must win… if you don't want to lose, you don’t fight!" His name is Master Law (Teddy Robin) but lovely ladies, please call him Ben. That was 30 years ago, though. Now the master is in a coma, surrounded by Dr. Fun (Susan Shaw), the young kung fu girl Kwai, the washed-out martial arts students Tiger and Dragon (Bruce Leung and Chen Kuan Tai) and a three-decade-old preserved duck. Law’s once-glorious kung fu school has been reduced to a teahouse barely able make the rent, and the two students, once champions, are unfit to train a new generation. Developers want to level the school for much-needed condo space in the already cramped quarters of inner-city Hong Kong. Enter a certified loser: Cheung is sent to assist in the transfer but finds himself siding with underdogs. Meanwhile, Master Law has awakened to a heavy case of amnesia. Luckily, his kung fu chops (along with his knack for vulgarity) seem to be intact. Can he whip the down-and-out denizens of the former kung fu school into shape to face off against the heartless developers?" (Source: Fantasia Film Festival 201)

201098 minsHong KongCantonese with English subtitles
ActionComedyDramaWorld Cinema

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