Georgia Rule

Georgia Rule

A chick-flick about three generations of head-strong women. Rachel (Lohan) is a rebellious young hellraiser who proves too much for her mother Lilly (Huffman) and is dumped with her grandmother Georgia (Fonda) in 'boring' Idaho for the summer.

Here, under 'Georgia rule', Rachel encounters a hard-working ethos and a no-nonsense attitude. Gradually the three gals learn to understand each other and earn compassion for each other's colourful ways.

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Please note – despite the posters and the basic premise, this is not your usual chick flick. Those of you that have seen the cast list may have let out an audible groan (as I did) when you saw Lindsay Lohan’s name as one of the leading ladies. Will this feel like an extended E Hollywood True Stories, or shock horror, an animated version of a New Weekly article?

Well yes, there is booze, there is sex, there is a troubled teen and old Lindsay probably did not have to stretch a million miles form her own self to play this part, but wow, she is good. Very good. It is not hard to see that Lohan has real talent, as was also evident in the excellent Mean Girls, if she could only get off the piss in real life! A myriad of white dresses and leggy shots later, she remains convincing and compelling throughout. When renegade teenager Lohan is sent by her mother to deeply moralistic Idaho for the summer, the town whips itself up into a bit of a frenzy. The other teenage girls are terrified for the sanctity of their boyfriends, the mysterious vet in mourning is forced to confront his past and the hunky Mormon farm boy has his Christian ideals pushed to the limit by Lohan as saucy temptress.

Felicity Hoffman as the pained angsty mother is also very good. Her demise over the course the film from pristine professional women in pencil skirted power suits to alcoholic sloth is for the most part believable and heart felt. Apart from the always ghastly “acting drunk” scenes, she too is believable and easy to watch, as she struggles to deal with her renegade daughter and her allegations of sexual impropriety by her step father, Huffman’s husband, the portly Cary Elwes of Princess Bride fame.

Jane Fonda plays Huffman’s mother Georgia, the feisty southern matriarch, who governs her home and family under the premise of Georgia Rule, a strict set of moral codes. Having a dysfunctional and troubled relationship with her own daughter (Huffman), she is then charged with the care of her grand daughter for the summer in small town Idaho. As you would expect from chick flick king director Garry Marshall ( Pretty Woman, Beaches, Runaway Bride), revelation and redemption transpire as the film progresses, and the three generations of women grow together through the highs and lows of the story. But with only a light application of cheese and a firm layer of humour coupled with some very good writing, it’s a much better tale than you might expect.

This is a story of secrets, half truths and small town gossip. It is a story of inter-generational hang ups, familial bonds and new beginnings. For me it was also a story about not judging an actress by the trashy glossies in which she appears.

Reviewed by Philippa Rennie

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From the previews I thought this was going to be a funny film about family relationships breaking down and being built up again so I was VERY surprised when the story took a turn to be about child molestation.

It wasn't badly acted or written but I guess I just wasn't prepared for the subject matter.

Kind of a strange film... but Lindsay Lohan is so great! Who would have thought.

I recommend it - if you've nothing better to see.

Terrible! A bizzare mix of comedy and drama - funny bits seem ill executed, as does dramatic bits.

after waiting months for this to screen here from its release in the usa i must say it was worth the wait. the story is great and the cast is even better. felicity huffman is always good to watch...lindsay lohan is as hot as in this and acts her socks of great to see her in a role that lets her really act..but the main star here is the magnificent jane fonda as her grandmother...she is one class act and i loved her in this. she is one terrific actress and a true hollywood icon. if you want a... More great story,great acting and a good night out at the movies go see this film.Hide

Well I missed the first 30mins of it...but what I did see I really liked... The movie really hit home... re abuse.... so I think the research was well done and the story could be very realistic.
I really enjoyed the movie... thought the girls did a great job.

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  • Georgia Rule isn’t serious enough for a drama and not funny enough for a comedy... Full Review

  • What I thought would be a sweet, light-hearted chick-flick about three generations of mothers and daughters is, in fact, a mildly disturbing story about molestation. The subject matter isn't what's disturbing so much as the semi-comical way it has been dealt with. Lohan is Rachel, an overtly sexual and troublesome teen with a "screw you" attitude... Full Review

  • And so it goes, leaving an awful taste and the inevitable question: Jane Fonda made a comeback to do dreck like this and "Monster-in-Law?"... Full Review

  • In the acting contest that ensues, each star comes off reasonably well, though, surprisingly, Lohan (who had well-publicized emotional problems on the set) wins out over Huffman's comic drunk and Fonda's leathery evocation of her father, Henry, in "On Golden Pond"... Full Review

  • Like its much-troubled young leading lady, Georgia Rule is a film with an identity crisis. Writer Mark Andrus's story starts out as a broad family-based comedy-drama complete with slapstick humour, but suddenly takes on a more dark, disturbing tone. Strangely, director Garry Marshall still tries to play it for laughs (evidenced by John Debney's sugary score), but the audience's bright early guffaws are replaced by nervous giggles... Full Review

  • No offense to either of them, but Georgia Rule suggests an Ingmar Bergman script as directed by Jerry Lewis. The subject matter is grim, the relationships are gnarled, the worldview is bleak, and, at any given moment, you suspect someone's going to be hit with a pie... Full Review

  • Certain words should be reserved for special occasions. "Abysmal" is one of them, and Georgia Rule is as special as such occasions get... Full Review