Glorious 39

Glorious 39


Conspiracy thriller spinning a mysterious yarn about the formidable Keyes - a traditional British family - on the eve of World War Two, thrown into turmoil when the daughter stumbles secret recordings of the pro-appeasement movement...... More

Anne Keyes (Atonement's Romola Garai) is a politically naive movie star and adopted daughter of a rich Tory MP (Bill Nighy), living at a country estate in Norfolk, England. In the summer of 1939, she stumbles across an establishment plot involving the SIS and the aristocracy. They'll stop at nothing, including blackmail and assassination, to keep Britain from going to war, and when war breaks out, to making peace with Nazi Germany.Hide

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I enjoyed Garai's performance and the atmospheric swell of pre-war Britain. It's a place that still believed in itself. I would have liked a little bit more why, that is what motivated the characters of Nighy, et al., to do what they did re: appeasing Hitler. I thought the fate of the boyfriend was a bit over the top, but it certainly added to the suspense.

It is a decent way to spend a hot afternoon.

Just PLEASE tell me where Glorious 39 is playing in the Wellington area!!!!!!!!!!

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45% of critics recommend.
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  • Stupendous turn from Romola Garai in the lead role but, while this sets up intrigue and atmosphere well, the plot devices creak audibly towards the end. Full Review

  • A ripping, old-school conspiracy thriller. Full Review

  • Poliakoff's conspiracy thriller about Hitler-pleasers and appalling aristos comes with all the bucolic loveliness you'd expect. But its biggest boost comes from Garai, whose fragile, hypnotic turn should make the actress a gong contender. Full Review