Good for Nothing

Good for Nothing


This ain't no place for a lady...

Kiwi-made Western (dubbed the "Pavlova Western"), set in America but shot in New Zealand, starring Cohen Holloway (Boy) and directed/written by Weta Workshop’s own Mike Wallis, making his feature debut.... More

Escaping her past, a young English woman (newcomer Inge Rademeyer) immigrates to the West. After a gunfight breaks out in a saloon, Isabella is snatched away by a rugged outlaw (Holloway). With the Sheriff mistaking her for an accomplice, a bounty is placed on her head and she is forced to partner up with her captive...

After premiering at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, The Hollywood Reporter described it as "a Kiwi spaghetti western filtered through the offbeat sensibilities of early Sam Raimi or the Coen brothers."Hide

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Good for Nothing is an admirably slick production for a self-funded Kiwi movie, and a pretty good watch by any standard. The rugged Kiwi landscapes ably ‘play’ the American West and bring an untouched feel perhaps lacking in many Westerns filmed in the States.... More

The Hollywood Reporter review flatteringly cited the influence of the early films of Sam Raimi and the Coen brothers, and it’s not hard to see why. Audiences familiar with New Zealand film history might detect some of Geoff Murphy’s (Goodbye Pork Pie; Never Say Die) proclivity toward intercourse-centric puns and character development.

Indeed, the main character here can’t ‘get it up’, which pretty much drives the plot everywhere it goes. As said character – “The Man”, rising Kiwi talent Cohen Holloway is appreciably inscrutable and awesomely scuffed-up. This Sergio Leone-ish grimy quality permeates the entire film and elevates it to a place that where the grit is tangible and the suspension of disbelief is easy.

Female lead Inge Rademeyer is small in stature but hugely sympathetic as a young woman completely out of her element. The film wholly rests on the mostly unspoken relationship between her and The Man, and it proves a solid backbone for the story.

A touch of goodwill for a local production will help you appreciate Good for Nothing but it’s not necessary to make it worth your while.Hide

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BY DnA superstar

We watched this as a family. Son having just turned 13 needed to produce ID. He says it was a good movie. For us we loved the music. Brilliant. The story was a bit thin but the characters and locations were great. We loved it for being more realistic. As well as the scenery. Well done to those that put this together. Cohen Holloway is very good.

BY Gerd superstar

The film deserves standing ovations, a class for itself and the best New Zealand movie ever. I'm afraid it won't go far in the US as it needs some intelligence to understand Kiwi humour.

BY Lautje nobody

A wonderfully refreshing take on movie making. Very down to earth and simple story, but with that very realistic and funny and very easy to relate to. No Hollywood drama, a story about people as people really are (or at least can be).
"Good for Nothing" is put together really well. Great acting, great timing, great music, great scenery.
I generally don't like westerns, but I loved this one.

What a great film, none of the usual dumb down action, just a real to life ( of those times before the little blue pill ) with thinking mans humour, an entertaning story set in the old lawless west ( the NZ landscape doubling as the vast expansive American West ). This is a must see with your friends and family.

BY GrahamP superstar

I can't believe how good this movie realy is.
It has grip,story,humour,emotion and great scenery.The timing and directing was perfect.The origonal music score was brillant and added to the overal feel.I found the chemistry between Isobella and the outlaw
was very real.The slow-motion clip of Isobella's hair blowing in the wind was absolute genius and remains in my mind.
I hope it goes global so that the rest of the world has a chance to see it.
A bit of blood but still a great watch.

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  • A visually beautiful film, shot amazingly well on a slim budget – many of the more impressive shows of scenery are filmed from Inge and Mike’s moving car. Full Review

  • Imagine a Kiwi spaghetti western filtered through the offbeat sensibilities of early Sam Raimi or the Coen brothers and you’ve pretty much got the picture that is Good for Nothing. Full Review

  • Lively and original... [it's a] cheerfully eccentric Western and I hope it finds the audience it deserves here in the States. Full Review

  • The ravishing New Zealand landscape portrays the American West in Mike Wallis’s Good for Nothing, a slender movie of humble, welcome charms. Full Review

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