Hello Again - A Wedding A Day

Hello Again - A Wedding A Day

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A young woman finds herself reliving her close friend's wedding, one she's attempting to sabotage, in this time loop rom-com from Germany. More

Mid-twenties Zazie still feels much too young for a serious relationship. Nobody needs "great love" anyway in her opinion. Her two best friends and flatmates are similarly incapable of relationships: Anton is much too nice for a lasting partnership, and Patrick likes to think of himself as an irresistible ladies' man.

Philipp, Zazie's closest childhood friend, is completely different. He is about to get married and invites Zazie to the wedding. In view of this news, she is gobsmacked, not least because of the bride Franziska, who Zazie also knows from the past - and she is firmly convinced that Franziska is not the right partner for Philipp. Suddenly Zazie is trapped in a time loop and tries again and again to torpedo the wedding. But every time something different happens that she didn't expect...

2020Rating: M, Sex scenes & offensive language92 minsGermanyWarner Bros. Deutschland
ComedyFantasyRomanceWorld Cinema

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