Hostel: Part II

Hostel: Part II


Eli Roth's sequel to 2005's original sees three American university students lured into a Slovakian hostel. Inside, they discover very grim things like tourists being mutilated for the pleasure of rich businessmen. Rape and torture are the menu du jour.

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Though I just recieved my copy from America, I havent managed to watch it yet, I hope it's as gory & sadistic as the original, I nearly @#$ my pants when I saw that movie.

Honestly I couldn't even sit through the whole duration of Hostel II (through a pirate source) It's far more sadistic than part I and Porkbonekid, something is so wrong with you, the movie so does NOT deserve a release in New Zealand at all.

It's banned in New Zealand, thats what's wrong with this movie.

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