Hurricane (2018)

Hurricane (2018)


Game of Thrones's Iwan Rheon stars in this true story WWII drama about the Poles who joined the Royal Air Force to help push back the Nazis. Directed by BAFTA and Emmy Award winner David Blair.... More

Having seen Poland crumble and France capitulate, Polish pilot Jan Zumbach (Rheon) and his Air Force comrades join the British RAF to fight during the Battle of Britain. The Poles must overcome exhaustion, nerves and the distrust of their new British comrades while they fight to save their own country above a foreign land.Hide

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BY SteveM nobody

Like the movie Dunkirk, you can tell almost straight away that this movie has a limited technical budget. The delivery of such a potentially dynamic subject looks rather 1980's - particularly in the dogfight scenes. This movies strings together all the expected "safe to pick on" clichés in a not to well crafted fashion. There are stories within the story but only a handful are ever developed to their potential - the viewer is served up seemingly disparate... More snippets within scenes that are clumsily strung together. Again trying to do too much on what seems a limited budget. Towards the end of the movie one of the more poignant and potentially audience grabbing themes appears - this being that after their heroic sacrifice for Britain, many of the Polish pilots were cynically repatriated back to a Soviet controlled Poland, seemingly against their wishes. But once again more could have been done with this thread, but wasn't. In my opinion a brilliant story is being under told.Hide

The Press Reviews

  • A niche film for World War II buffs, Polish patriots and air display patrons. Not exactly subtle, but few war films are - and it's hard not to get caught up in fighting these old battles. Full Review

  • Director David Blair navigates the whole thing through the storm with watchable competence. Full Review

  • It's an old-fashioned boy's own tale, with the accent on boys - an attempt to widen the focus to the women working behind the scenes backfires slightly...Still, the story of the Polish pilots deserves to be told. Full Review

  • Delivering plenty of tears and triumph before tea time (albeit with a nasty true-life sting in its final text summary), Hurricane could just have benefited from a slightly tighter focus. Full Review