Inside Lehman Brothers

Inside Lehman Brothers

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Documentary examining the corporate culture of Lehman Brothers through the stories of staff who tried to sound an alarm about suspicious transactions and subprime mortgage abuses. Instead of examining these practices, these staff found themselves fired or harassed, and Lehman Brothers eventually filed for the largest ever US bankruptcy. More

In 2008, Matthew Lee, vice-president of Lehman Brothers, refused to approve suspicious financial transactions, amounting tens of billions of dollars. He was fired. 6 months later, Lehman Brothers sinks. 631 billion dollars of debt. Linda Weekes, Sylvia Vega-Sutfin and Cheryl McNeil also tried to sound the alarm. They were employees at BNC Mortgage, a subsidiary of Lehman Brothers. They wanted to alert the world of the subprime mortgage abuses. They were victims of a harassment campaign by their superiors. Lehman Brothers’ collapse is well-known—but not the human cost.

2018Rating: Exempt85 minsFrance, Canada
Jennifer Deschamps (feature debut)
Jennifer Deschamps

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