It's All Gone Pete Tong

It's All Gone Pete Tong


Mockumentary comedy (mixing real & fake peeps) starring British comedian Kaye (TV's 'Dennis Pennis') as real-life DJ, Frank Wilde. Trying to be a 'Spinal Tap' for dance music, so they say. Notable scenes depict Wilde's drug-induced hallucinations, one involving a cocaine-snorting giant badger. Title refers to a cockney expression, meaning all has gone to shit.... More

A renowned DJ, Wilde lives the sweet life on the club circuit in Ibiza - partying it up with the ladies & cocaine. That is until he begins to realize that years of eardrum-rattling music is making him deaf. He's suddenly forced to re-evaluate his priorities and begins to get his life in order, thanks to a romance with a beautiful deaf woman who teaches him how to read lips.Hide

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77% of critics recommend.
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  • BBC

    Eventually wins you over with its warmth and offbeat sensibility... Full Review

  • The downward arc of the first two acts of the movie is made harrowing and yet perversely amusing by the performance of Paul Kaye... Full Review

  • There are some powerful moments, but the film follows Frankie's lead in losing the plot - too dark for casual viewers (or fans of Tong), too blunt to succeed as cult viewing... Full Review