Last Days in Vietnam

Last Days in Vietnam


The final weeks of the Vietnam War are displayed in this documentary, showing the panic and despair felt by the South Vietnamese people when the North Vietnamese Army closed in on Saigon. At the same time, American soldiers and diplomats are torn between saving U.S. citizens only – as per White House orders – or extend help to the many South Vietnamese citizens who desperately need it.

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  • By turning her attention to an underreported chapter in recent history, Kennedy has found a trove rich with unreal imagery and stories of heroism in the face of defeat. Full Review

  • Provocatively, the film suggests that winning small battles was victory enough; Saigon natives, also interviewed, were left behind to endure death camps. Full Review

  • The docu's accomplished summary of tension-filled events as they transpired from minute to minute comes at the expense of wide-angle historical context. Full Review