Married Life

Review: Married Life

17 Jul 08

Genre-Busting Movie with Emotional Depth

Ira Sach's first 'mainstream' movie is a tour-de-force for all concerned, combining suspense and humour in a way most other films have tried and failed at for years. the Hitchcockian story of a man ( Cooper ) who wishes to leave his sex-obsessed and emotionally frigid wife ( An erotic Clarkson ) for a younger and charmingly vivacious woman ( Innocently played by McAdams ) becomes complex enough when his friend Richard ( Suavely caddish Brosnan) determines to take the younger woman for himself; When Cooper gets the idea that maybe the gentlest way to depart from his wife is by a form of unrequested euthenasia, the drama suddenly comes up a notch - And Brosnan finds more complexity than he bargains for in the relationship as well.

Ultimately a movie that asks how well people, even the most intimate of couples, can ever really understand each other and the secrets they decline to share makes this a future classic along the lines of FAR FROM HEAVEN. Highly recommended.