Me, Them and Lara

Me, Them and Lara

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Italian screwball comedy, winner of Best Comedy at the Italian Golden Globes 2010, about Father Carlo (writer, director, star Carlo Verdone) who returns from home from a humanitarian mission to find his family is disarray. More

"Fathrt Carlo, a missionary in Africa, returns home after 10 years hoping that the warmth and understanding of his family will help him overcome a spiritual crisis. But he is the ignored guest of what seems like a madhouse, nothing like his fondly remembered childhood home. Carlo's father Alberto (Sergio Fiorentini) is now married to his voluptuous minder; his sister Beatrice (Anna Bonaiuto), though a psychoanalyst, seems to be completely submerged in a sea of her own imaginary problems; and their bankrupt brother Luigi (Marco Giallini) is merrily hooked on more than just the volatile stock market. A twist of fate delivers the enigmatic and seductive Lara (the radiant Laura Chiatti) into their lives, triggering a series of mix-ups that the family must resolve."

2009Rating: M, contains offensive language, sexual references & drug use112 minsItalyItalian with English subtitles
ComedyWorld Cinema

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Award Winner
Winner of Best Comedy at Italian Golden Globes 2010.

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