Moon 44

Moon 44

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Roland Emmerich (Independence Day) directs this near-future disaster flick following prisoners forced to protect a valuable mining station. More

Year 2038: The mineral resources of the earth are drained, in space there are fights for the last deposits on other planets and satellites. This is the situation when one of the bigger mining corporations has lost all but one mineral moons and many of their fully automatic mining robots are disappearing on their flight home. Since nobody else wants the job, they send prisoners to defend the mining station. Among them undercover agent Stone, who shall clear the whereabouts of the expensive robots. In an atmosphere of corruption, fear and hatred he gets between the fronts of rivaling groups.

1990Rating: R98 minsGermanyOverseas FilmGroup, Centropolis Film Productions
Science Fiction

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We aren’t aware of any way to watch Moon 44 in New Zealand. If we’ve got that wrong, please contact us.