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Daisy Ridley is the title character in this retelling of Shakespeare's Hamlet, told from Ophelia's perspective. Co-stars Naomi Watts as... More

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    "The notion of a fresh take on Shakespeare may conjure up visions of films like Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, but rather than stuff Hamlet full of Hawaiian shirts, fringes and songs by The Cardigans et al, Ophelia’s twist is to place the titular female character at the centre of the story. It’s a simple idea, and while it is also one that’s been done before (perhaps most notably by New Zealand playwright Jean Betts in Ophelia Thinks Harder), it’s still interesting to see the perspective shift while setting, costume and cadence remain familiar."


    "Daisy Ridley is the title character in Ophelia, a retelling of Shakespeare's Hamlet told from her perspective. Co-starring Naomi Watts as Gertrude, Flicks editor Steve Newall found it refreshing to learn that the male-centric story we thought we knew may not be accurate after all."

    Flicks, Steve NewallFlicks

    "This is the ultimate female take-back-the-narrative movie, and frankly a lot of it is silly and sophomoric. But it's also juicy and fun..."


    "That sound you hear is cordial applause, and the riffling of an audience paging through their high-school-English-class paperbacks to double-check the facts."


    "Unfortunately, Ophilia fails to satisfy either curiosity, nether fleshing out the title character's backstory nor providing [Daisy] Ridley with a worthy vehicle for her talents."

    The TimesThe Times

    "This film looks absolutely gorgeous, but apart from its production design it is basically a disaster."

    The GuardianThe Guardian

    "It's just unfortunate that, despite a clever conceit, they can't deliver something truly compelling or, occasionally, even coherent."


    "This may be all well-and-good for a teenage fantasy, but devotees of Shakespeare's Ophelia should hope for a more distinguished retelling someday."

    Screen DailyScreen Daily

    "While gorgeous to look at, Ophelia may have been better realised as an HBO television series."

    New Zealand HeraldNew Zealand Herald

    "This vigorous, colourful and clever melodrama smartly rethinks both the play and the character, making her a far more proactive figure than Shakespeare did in addition to entirely re-imagining her fate."

    Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

    "Ophelia comes off like awful Hamlet fanfiction."


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