Overheard (Qie ting feng yun)

Overheard (Qie ting feng yun)


At the Hong Kong Police Force Commercial Crime Bureau, an operation is under way against insider trading involving Feng Hua International, a listed company. Three cops, leader Johnny, veteran Gene and young rookie Max, are operating surveillance systems and listening in on management.... More

After a month, when nothing much has happened and the three are bored, they overhear the management’s plan to boost the share price. The cops decide to make the most of this opportunity and buy heavily on the company’s shares with a huge sum of money borrowed from a loan shark. They soon find themselves falling into a twisted web of deceit.Hide

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The last time that Felix Chong and Alan Mak teamed up, it was for Lady Cop and Papa Crook, which was a swing and a miss by their high standards. In that context, their latest offering is something of a return to form.... More

The film’s greatest asset is the speed with which the storyline unfolds. With no down time, it effortlessly creates a sense of urgency and tension that is maintained all the way through to the final reel. At the same time, the nature of the characters shine through. The actions of our protagonists could nominally position them as ‘bad cops’, but they are always sympathetic as the line between right and wrong becomes increasingly blurred.

Visually, a lot of little technical touches garnish the narrative and, while some overreach, the majority work well. The personal subplots that flesh out the action are Overheard’s weakest suit as they veer a little too close to over-the-top melodrama. Better handled are the themes of global capitalism and its dark nature.

Its no Infernal Affairs but that's a ridiculously high standard to hold any film to, even if this is spawned from the same creative minds as that classic. On its own merits, it’s a more than solid addition to the Hong Kong action genre.Hide

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i think this is the best ever hong kong movie that i watched after invisible target...