Social activist Arunachalam Muruganantham (Akshay Kumar) is on a mission to get sanitary napkins to poor rural areas in this Bollywood biopic.

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  • Proves quite the entertaining, daresay absorbing, movie. Full Review

  • It's an engrossing and important subject - which was raised by a man who challenged patriarchal taboos with a candour and determination that many men all over the progressive world might shrink from even now. Full Review

  • It's Kumar and Apte's show all the way as they take one for the women's team. Make sure to watch this inspirational film this weekend. Full Review

  • The film tackles the "shame" that our society insists on imposing on periods, head on. Full Review

  • Known for making films that work towards bridging the age and gender gap, Balki's Padman is an empowering film that gives you the wings, despite the odds. Full Review

  • Kumar is such an amiable lead, and the feminist credentials of his real-life counterpart so rock-solid, that the movie rises above its limitations. Full Review

  • For all its flaws, Padman, much like its protagonist, puts in a sincere effort. It takes a subject that most Indians are reluctant to talk about and puts it on the marquee, and that alone is worth the applause. Full Review

  • The first step for his audience is to acknowledge and shed inhibitions...That itself makes it a worthy cause to watch it, purely for the social message. Full Review

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