Persistence of Vision

Persistence of Vision


Richard Williams, the visionary animation director behind Who Framed Roger Rabbit, devoted over 25 tenacious years on his animated masterpiece only to see it go up in smoke. Using test animation, archival footage and interviews with Williams’ collaborators, this documentary investigates the life and death of “the greatest animated film never made”.

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Richard Williams is a master animator – this documentary easily proves that with the test reels of his magnus opus The Thief and the Cobbler. What was completed is astonishing to behold, which only adds to the devastating reality that his work was never completed. This documentary feeds the mind and kicks the gut with this real-life story of an artistic genius, whose nobly pretentious goals blinded his ability to manage his resources. The result is this sad creative implosion that should be compulsory viewing for problematic perfectionists.

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