Planet 51

Planet 51


Animated tale about an astronaut who lands on the mysterious Planet 51, thinking he has discovered an uninhabited new world. When he meets the planet’s little green residents, he confirms their worst fears – that they may be invaded by ‘aliens’. Oddly, the environment in which they live looks rather like America in the 1950s. Befriended by one of their kind, the astronaut must avoid being captured, recover his spacecraft and get himself home.... More

This is directed by respected artist and sculptor  Jorge Blanco and produced by Spanish CGI studio Ilion Animation. Voices include Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Biel and Gary Oldman. From the writer of Shrek.Hide

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BY Ashleigh wannabe

awesome & hillareous movie i love it

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  • Sadly, that fate would appear to have already befallen Oscar-nommed Shrek writer Joe Stillman, who riffs on every sci-fi flick he can think of without coming up with anything clever, funny or involving. Well, apart from a love story between the NASA robo-rover (read: WALL•E) and a pet mini-alien. Full Review

  • There's nothing funny, provocative or involving about what "Shrek" co-writer Joe Stillman and the team from Madrid-based Ilion Animation Studios do with the notion here. Full Review