Poisoning Paradise: Ecocide New Zealand

Poisoning Paradise: Ecocide New Zealand


A documentary profiling the ongoing 1080 aerial poisoning campaigns that take place in New Zealand.... More

While New Zealand's clean, green, 100% brand is being promoted internationally, many New Zealanders remain oblivious to the practice that contradicts the image we proudly promote. Poisoning Paradise: Ecocide New Zealand takes you into the drop-zone of aerial 1080 operations, beneath the canopy, where the birds and animals die. Supported by scientific evidence and indisputable footage, this documentary exposes the truth about a culture that the filmmakers (first timers, the Graf brothers) believe will eventually see New Zealand's image tarnished and become an international embarrassment.Hide

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corruption and backhanders thats what 1080 is, and the killing of our livelihood of being KIWIS living the outdoors, hunting, and living of the land""

"Humanity" is hereby miss-named when we have such terrors being perpetrated upon Nature by our use of toxins such as 1080?

The 'truth' and/or argument about its ecological/environmental effectiveness is completely mute when the crime against animal life (alone) is so horrific.

Well done the GRAF Bros for producing a very informative documentary about 1080. TVNZ, PRIME, C4 and all your other mainstream channels stop servicing the Bankers and Corporate fat boys and support the people by getting superb documentary like this on mainstream media. You own Kiwis the right to know the facts and truth that elected GOV employees are seeking to look after their own pockets not the people!!! Something is very wrong when you allow this to happen!

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