Race 2

Race 2


Betrayal is survival.

Anil Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan return as Robert D'Costa and Ranveer Singh in this Hindi action sequel.

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Hindi filmmakers have recently discovered sequels and realised that it is a guaranteed way to bring back the audience into cinemas. Thus they not only make money but they don’t really have to think of any original ideas.... More

Director duo Abbas-Mastan’s Race 2 is a sequel to their highly successful 2008 film Race. Ranveer Singh seeks revenge for the killing of his fiancée Sonia. He zeroes in on super billionaire and bad boy Armaan Malik as the man who gave the orders to finish Sonia and from then on starts a race to the end.

While it is just as slick and stylish, with high end thrills and grey characters like Race there is nothing new in terms of taking a situation or story forward. It is full of gimmicks like playing cards inlaid with micro chips that send signals to a pair of sunglasses that transmit that to…oh never mind…this would embarrass Q into giving James Bond something more useful. The most audacious idea is to steal the Shroud Of Turin, which, as a character in the film says, has never been attempted even by Hollywood filmmakers. This Turin, in Race 2, has nuns speaking in American accents and react with an ‘Oh my God’ to a bomb scare.

One needn’t look for any acting turns either because it is all about looking cool and sexy but all the actors take themselves far too seriously. Another blockbuster that one can sit through and smile at the cheesiness provided you’ve left your brains at home.Hide

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