Red State

Review: Red State

13 Dec 11

Be prepared to argue with your friends

Like some other Kevin Smith movies, the casting is uneven and the dialogue is over-extended; but I have to admit Red State sucked me in and stuck with me long after it finished. Blunt and messy as it was, I still really liked it. The transitions of tone were jarring, but they were jarring because Red State manages to do something which too few movies manage to do: surprise us. It's hard to justify my rationale without giving too much away, but suffice it to say I was not expecting Red State to be so scary, nor so gripping, nor so outrageously cynical in it's final punch-line(s)... Some friends of mine thought the ending was a cop-out, and I imagine there'll be some who agree. For me it was a logical extension of the points the film had been making about America from the outset: this is a thriller, but it's also a nightmare comedy of hypocrisy, selective ignorance, and moral relativism. At the very least, this is a movie which will leave you talking once you leave the cinema.