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Rotting Hill

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A zombie-rom-com short film, made by Advanced 3D students from Media Design School, featuring stunning digital effects and starring  Anna Hutchison (Go Girls) and Australian actor Jason Smith (Legend of the Seeker). More

The short film took 12 weeks to produce, complete with 22 high-end CGI graphics and visual effects shots. "Rotting Hill is the collision of two film genres. The zombie film and romance film. It's a love story, with a bit of a twist," says director James Cunningham. "I think deep down, we all want to love and be loved. Zombies used to be humans too, so I guess the idea behind the film is why would these emotions go away just because you’re a reanimated corpse?  What would you do if you met your true love when you're a zombie? Would you let death get in the way?"

"I’m very proud of what the students, cast and crew have achieved in 12 weeks... This is one of our best student films yet. The class really showed that they could take an idea, turn it on its head, conceptualise it and really run away with it."

20114 minsNew Zealand

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