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French biographical film about hedonistic French author Françoise Sagan, charting the rise and fall of her fame and fortune as well as documenting her complex love affairs with both men and women. More

Set in 1950s France Sagan tells the true story of author Françoise Sagan and her hedonistic lifestyle. Shooting to fame with her first novel, Bonjour Tristesse, Sagan lived her life at the furthest edge of excess, winning and losing fortunes at the roulette table, and buying and crashing many flashy sports cars. 

Sagan quickly succumbed to drug, alcohol and gambling addictions, partying through life and leaving a trail of lovers, both men and women, in her wake. This film tells the story of how, 40 years later, Sagan ended up penniless and alone.

2008FranceFrench with English subtitles

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