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Three years after entering prison for robbery as a 19-year-old heroin addict, Sherry Swanson (Maggie Gyllenhaal) begins her first day of freedom, clean and sober. A model prisoner who has undergone personal transformation, she immediately sets out to regain custody of her young daughter Alexis. More

Unprepared for the demands of the world she’s stepped back into, Sherry’s hopes of staying clean, getting a job, and becoming a responsible mother are challenged by the realities of unemployment, halfway houses, and parole restrictions. Concerns about Sherry’s ability to care for Alexis, and her inability to prove otherwise, threaten to destroy the already delicate relationship she has with her daughter, as well as her newfound sobriety.

2006Rating: R16, drug use, sex scenes, offensive language96 minsUSA

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