Short Connections

Short Connections

Short Connections

A collection of five Kiwi short films playing as part of the 2019 New Zealand International Film Festival. Each story depicts the ways we connect with, and disconnect from, each other.

Walk a Mile

A grumpy old man hates living next door to a noisy family. That is until something happens to his neighbours. Judith Cowley’s moving Wellington-made short shows how reaching out can break down barriers.


An immigrant from Portugal develops a close friendship with her Māori neighbour. Adriana Martins da Silva’s film offers a refreshing slant on Kiwi life and an elegant, understated portrait of female friendship.

Memory Foam

A middle-aged couple are shopping for a new bed, only to discover that their bed is not the only thing they have outgrown. Paloma Schneideman delivers an all too recognisable portrait of a fading relationship.


A young woman surprises her brother and friends when she suddenly returns home with a secret. Made in collaboration with Toi Whakaari, Armağan Ballantyne’s film is alive to the rhythms of small-town life.

Biggie & Shrimp

A teen from a rundown housing estate puts his only true friendship at risk when peer-pressured into proving his masculinity. Harvey Hayes puts toxic masculinity under the lens as one teen struggles with his self-identity.

2019Rating: M, Violence, offensive language & drug references79 minsNew Zealand
Festival & Independent
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